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Parents of children with a disability are eligible to receive one complimentary copy of “A Composite of Laws , 31st Edition” from the California Department of Education. To order the publication, call , Monday through Friday, or download the order form (MS Word Doc) here:

Autism Resource Site Links


Sites dedicated to treating and curing Autism


Information and support group about the gluten-free/casein free diet and autism


Local and nonlocal yahoo groups that provide a lot of parent to parent information and tips

Some are public and you can join by simply adding it to your yahoo groups, some are private which means you have to be approved by the moderator to participate.

  • Autism-biomed-bayarea
  • Autisminterventionbayarea
  • Reversingautism
  • Chelatingkids2


Research and news about treatments for Autism


Other Research Links


Miscellaneous Resources


HIP Housing

Contact HIP Housing at 650-348-6660 to schedule an appointment to discuss home sharing opportunities or other available affordable housing. List of Available shared housing opportunities.

Apply now for Brand New Affordable Housing – City of San Mateo

Suicide Prevention & Crisis Center of San Mateo County: (650) 685-2840
Habla Español? Este grupo de apoyo mutuo es para cualquier persona que ha perdido a un ser querido (aunque ya haya pasado algun tiempo). Las reuniones son cada dos miércoles de 6:45 a 8/8:15 p.m. en San Mateo. Abierto al público. Llámenos al (650) 685-2840 y deje su nombre y su teléfono para recibir una llamada confirmando los detalles de la clase.