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Autism Success Stories

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If you have a child with autism, there is hope. Many children with autism are improving, when parents find the right mix of treatments for their child. It takes determination and a lot of trial and error; and each child is different.

We think it can be a lot easier if parents can learn from other parents about what worked for them. If you have a child with autism and need support, you will find resources below, or call us at, (650) 312-0730. We have seen so much improvement in children with autism, we wanted to get the word out to parents, teachers, researchers and decision-makers. We need your help to gather success stories to present information to inform families, professionals, and policy-makers. We define success as any improvement that has made a difference in a better quality of life for people with autism. Sometimes the improvement is subtle and sometimes it is dramatic. It all matters.

Autism Resource Links

(The information contained within these websites does not necessarily reflect the opinions of Parca, the organization’s management or its employees. This is provided to help you start your own research to reach your own conclusions).

Sites dedicated to treating and curing Autism
Information and support group about the gluten-free/casein free diet and autism

The GFCF Diet Autism Diet Resource

Local and nonlocal yahoo groups that provide a lot of parent to parent information and tips.

Some are public and you can join by simply adding it to your yahoo groups, some are private which means you have to be approved by the moderator to participate.

  • Autism-biomed-bayarea
  • Autisminterventionbayarea
  • Reversingautism
  • Chelatingkids2
Research and news about treatments for Autism
More Autism Site Links