Meet Cedar House



Meet Cedar House

PARCA’s Cedar House is an assisted living residence where eight remarkable adults with developmental disabilities live, learn and grow as individuals and as a family unit. The PARCA staff work with each of them, helping them further their independence and reach their individual goals.

All eight Cedar House residents are very close and consider each other family. They look out for each other and work together to take care of their home. With assistance from PARCA staff, they do the weekly grocery shopping, cleaning and take turns preparing dinner.

During the week residents either attend a day program or go to a job. Often on weekends they go as a group to outdoor concerts, sporting events, parties and volunteer at a local farmer’s market. Their fun and welcoming spirits make Cedar House a warm and inviting space to gather for parties–during the holidays especially, they host several parties.

All of the remarkable people who are part of the PARCA family grace our lives with compassion, courage, and a very special wisdom about life. It is our honor to both support them, and learn from them. Our donors make it possible for PARCA to help them lead rich, full lives as independently as possible.