Meet Laura



Meet Laura

Laura lives in her own apartment at Page Mill Apartment complex. She is a very social person who has many friends and is well liked by her peers. PARCA’s Independent Living Services staff work with her on a regular basis to help her through the challenges & obstacles that come with living independently. 

Laura is a recent recipient of the PARCA Client Achievement Award

Recently Laura was confronted with some very big challenges when it became necessary for her to downsize her possessions and remodel her living space. Laura’s positive attitude and pleasant disposition went a long way toward helping her through this huge transition. With support and guidance from the PARCA staff Laura was able to make tremendous progress overcoming her hoarding behaviors and voluntarily gave away half of her extensive stuffed animal collection. For her grace, optimism and remarkable growth during an extremely challenging time in her life, Laura was given a PARCA Client Achievement award in 2016.

All of the remarkable people who are part of the PARCA family grace our lives with compassion, courage, and a very special wisdom about life. It is our honor to both support them, and learn from them. Our donors make it possible for PARCA to help them lead rich, full lives as independently as possible.