Meet Santi



Meet Santi

A GIANT Inspiration 

PARCA client Santiago “Santi” Moreno, was recently awarded a SF Giants Community Foundation Scholarship, one of the first recipients with developmental disabilities to receive the prestigious honor! 13-year-old Santi was selected for his accomplishments in the Junior Giants program and “being an inspiration to all who know him and for his outstanding and uplifting contributions to school and community.”

Santi, being interviewed at AT&T Park, is a recipient of the “Harmon & Sue Burns Scholarship”

What’s more remarkable is that when Santi was born with Cerebral Palsy (CP), his parents were told that he’d never be able to walk, feed himself or write. Yet, through hard work, perseverance and relentless positivity, he has not only been able to overcome physical challenges, but has become an exemplary student, class leader and role model admired by schoolmates and teachers alike. Determined not to let his CP stop him from pursuing normal activities, like playing the trumpet with his school and mariachi bands or playing baseball, Santi joined the Junior Giants five years ago.

Even though he still has difficulty with certain movements, he stuck with it and has done so well that he recently became a coaching assistant.
With an infectious smile that lights up any room he enters and loving support from his parents and family, Santi lives his philosophy that “You’ll never know if you can do something unless you try it. And if you fail, there is no shame; just move on to the next thing.” A good lesson for all of us to carry in life! 

All of the remarkable people who are part of the PARCA family grace our lives with compassion, courage, and a very special wisdom about life. It is our honor to both support them, and learn from them. Our donors make it possible for PARCA to help them lead rich, full lives as independently as possible.